Lisk StarLit Fund

Dedicated to build a strong Lisk Community and strengthen Lisk Technology

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About Us


The blockchain project Lisk has been one of our most favourite projects with unmatched potential to make huge change in real life blockchain application. Up till now Lisk is still the most active project on GitHub.

As witnessed in many other blockchain projects, two of the foremost rate determining steps before the brand can kick off into mass recognition is to have a strong community and solid technology behind the brand.

As delegate of Lisk, it is of our responsibilities and benefits to fortify the two pillars, allowing Lisk to have more resources in developing their core backbone of the project. Hence we come up with an idea of creating a LSK Fund, dedicated to consolidate what we have now and make expansion to other area.

Why another fund?

Multiple one-off donation based platforms exists within the ecosystem, however, technology and community development is not a single step process.

Project contributors often required to engage in a long term dedication. This ideally is fuelled by passion of volunteer’s works, yet, this often will abrade the enthusiast’s further work when the excitement fades. Many software developers and engineers have high opportunities cost and therefore require substantial and long term compensation for their valuable input to any projects.

The main difference between LSK fund and other funding pool is that, we require the donors to have continuous contribution from their delegate rewards.

All donors will be required to become panel members of the fund, contributing to the Fund managements. This will provide a greater leverage and flexibility on the resources that the panel members donated from their own pockets, maximizing the outcome to the Lisk ecosystem.

What’s inside

The LSK fund (Lisk Starlit Kick-start Fund), comprised of two smaller funding pools, aiming to finance the technology development and community building within the Lisk ecosystem.


Incubating developers who are dedicating their efforts in improving the adoption rate of LSK, resulting in a better growth and application of the Lisk ecosystem.

Priority will be focused on to dApp builders on the Lisk network in the short coming future.

We understand there are high opportunity costs for software developers and engineers to commit to one project; hence a proper requital is fair for constructive developments.


Community cannot be simply build by a website or a social media platform. One must be able to reach out and publicize oneself in order to build a strong community.

Without greater extensions the community cannot gain attention nor influence for bigger adoptions.

Going to meet up, preparing introductory productions, attending blockchain events are ways to showcase a successful project, and bring in new community members.

All those requires substantial expenditures, but highly worthwhile to promote the project. Ultimately consolidating the existing community members’ cohesions and lowering the entry barriers to new comers.

Our Promise


Giving back what we are receiving from the ecosystem, straight out from our own pocket. LSK fund for a better ecosystem.

Team Managements

Each of the panel members taking part in managing the whole fund, for better allocations and greater flexibility.


We respect technology idea and will keep the proposal content with great respect of confidentiality regardless of acceptance or rejection of proposed projects.


The fund will be kept in multi-sig wallet, we will reach out to right candidates to hold signature with us to ensure the wallet is secured.


Transparent operation will be implemented, we will broadcast a financial report of the fund on to Lisk network in a regular basis, illustrating the power of blockchain.

How to Apply

As Fund Seekers

Contact us on Discord, Telegram or Email, please provide us with your back ground information and your fund usage proposal.

Proposal should contain:

  • One-pager of the overview of your proposal
  • Detail fund usage proposal


  • You or your team’s detail background
  • Background of your project
  • Project deliverables and impact
  • Method of execution of your project
  • Timeline of your project (with milestones)
  • Proposed expenses of your project (with categories)

As Panel Members

Contact us on Discord, Telegram or Email, please provide us with your back ground information to facilitate our understanding of you / your team, your field of expertise.

Current Panel Members